About Mold Inspection Naperville

Our company specializes in consultation, inspections, testing and analysis for mold in residential and commercial property. Our services are used by individuals, who know or suspect they have a mold problem. ISCT has been around since 1997. Our team of certified inspectors and trained protocol writers are here to help provide our customers with thorough and detailed information about any possible mold problems and, provide detailed Mold Remediation Protocol and Lab Reports. At Atlanta Mold we pride ourselves on being a source of mold information, testing, and sampling services. However we are not a remediation company and do not provide any references to other companies offering remediation services. We feel that is a conflict of interest. So you know from the time of your first call to our trained staff you’re getting completely unbiased information on your individual situation.

Who We Service

  • Real Estate Agents can call us for consultation on transactions, where the house inspector has seen what is believed to be a mold problem and would like a professional evaluation.
  • Home Builders and Commercial Project Managers can call us during the construction process to evaluate their projects for potential mold problems.
  • Home Owners looking to ensure the safety of themselves and their families
  • Companies who want to ensure a safe work environment for their employees
  • Home Buyers can all us to ensure they are not getting into a potentially unhealthy home or more expensive project than they are willing to handle.


What To Expect

  • Integrity:
    We only do Inspections and testing, we consider it a "conflict of interest" to do removal or remediation. We do not refer you to one of our "friends" in the mold remediation business either, we truly give you an unbiased report.
  • Safety:
    Our top priority. We determine if it's possible to remain in the building during abatement procedures. We meet or exceed all OSHA and EPA guidelines.
  • Competitive Pricing:
    Our efficiencies and volume allow us to offer more affordable pricing than most of our competitors. Because we only do Testing, you can be assured that you will get an unbiased report.
  • Minimal Disturbance:
    All efforts are made to avoid interruption and continue normal activities to the degree it is safe to do so.
  • Discretion:
    All you request, we will take every step to maintain a low profile and safe-guard your privacy. We will not show up with "mold" banners on our trucks.
  • Dedication:
    Our team of professionals take great pride and fulfillment in the work we do.

We Promise Professional Results At Reasonable Prices

"First Time - On Time - Every Time."