Regardless of the type of work we do for you these are our defining principles


We only do Inspections and testing, we consider it a "conflict of interest" to do removal or remediation. We do not refer you to one of our "friends" in the mold remediation business either, we truly give you an unbiased report.


Our top priority is not only our safety but our consumers and there family’s. We determine if it's possible to remain in the
building during abatement procedures. We meet or exceed all OSHA
and EPA guidelines.

Competitive Pricing

Our efficiencies and volume allow us to offer more affordable
Pricing than most of our competitors. Because we only do Testing, you can be assured that you will get an unbiased report.

Minimal Disturbance

All efforts are made to avoid interruption and continue normal activities to the degree it is safe to do so. Our process is designed to be as noninvasive as possible and very discreet.


Our team of professionals take great pride and fulfillment in the
work we do. We strive to spread mold awareness and want everyone to know about how serious of an issue mold has become.

Samples And Tools Used


Air Sampling tells you what types of mold is in your air and tells you how much of it is there. An air test consist of two samples, one sample from of the indoor air, and one control sample from the outdoor air. The outdoor sample serves as a baseline standard, this will tell you the what the levels and types of mold should be in your home. An "elevated mold condition" exists when lab results show that the indoor air has a higher spore count than the outdoor air. 


Surface sampling will accurately identify all types of mold growing on a single surface, but will not quantify. Furthermore, mold found in surface samples is not necessarily an accurate representation of what is in the air. In fact, it is entirely possible to find specific types of mold growing on surfaces that has not yet become airborne. 

Moisture Meters

Used to measure the relative humidity of an area.

CO2 Meters

Used to measure Carbon Dioxide Fluxuations in an area.

Thermal Imaging Camera

This Tool allows our inspector to see through walls and floors in order to inspect for water intrusions and leaks. Water leaks and intrusions can quickly lead to the propagation of mold due to the face that mold thrives in highly moist areas.